Donor Recognition

Levels of Giving

Individual Pledges

$1.00-$19.00 Student

$20.00-$99.00 Cheerleader

$100.00-$249.00 Honor Roll

$250.00-$349.00 Cum Laude

$350.00-$499.00 Magna Cum Laude

$500.00-999.00 Summa Cum Laude

$1000.00 or more Donor of Distinction

The Corporate Gift

The Corporate Gift is the Business Community’s commitment to the future of our youth.

The Corporate Gift is pledged over a three-year period. These long-term pledges sustain and ensure the growth and health of the Xenia Community Schools Foundation (XCSF).

It is our hope that corporations will include employees pledges in their Corporate Gift. This will encourage increased involvement throughout the community.

Corporate Gifts are recognized at the “Cum Laude” level and above.

All gifts to the XCSF are tax deductible. The Xenia Community Schools Foundation is a 501(c)(3)charitable organization.

Donors are recognized in the Hall of Honor program.